Ron’s 25 years of coaching experience and his academic focus makes that he maintains an approach in which he provokes when it is necessarry and behaves friendly when possible. By doing this he assures that you will have a strong stomage, a fierce hart and solid brains.

Ron is a proponent of speculative metaphysics and applies these insights to his coaching practice. He is the “fly on the wall” and analyzes both language and behavioral patterns. But always with a focus on the deeper forces of objects and people within a network.

He believes that leadership is not dependent on competencies, but is related to the daily social practice in which relationships, objects and people are interconnected.

What can you expect?

Ron is an executive coach, specialized in business coaching and personal leadership. Always with a dissonant look and feel. Sometimes confronting with a punch or sweeping statement. Always listening between the lines.

Who will benefit?

CEO’s, boardrooms and any manager who wants to attain a higher level in his or her leadership, can profit from his experience, academic and practical skills. His sensitivity and pragmatic, confronted perspective. No model or method is sacred, on the only condition that it is well-proved and is rooted in scientific domains.