Barbarians, Bacteria and Bosses

The third decade of the 21st century has just begun and already humanity is in deep crisis. Corona, climate, recession. The question arises: which (random) processes play a role in this? Are we missing the big story, now that everything seems to revolve around cold, impersonal data? Do we no longer know how to choose between technology and the human touch? And what leadership is needed to emerge stronger from the current era?

This handy book contains 41 stimulating, slightly abrasive quotes. Quotes from the world of literature, philosophy, art, and sociology. Citata Selecta; carefully selected quotes, developed into mini essays based on years of management experience in large (inter)national companies. Also, these quotes are a perfect fit for leadership seminars and individual coaching.

Quotes that do not necessarily provide the solution, but that make you reflect. About yourself, your behavior and lead- ership, and the effect on others, on YOUR people. With each quote, you can ask yourself: where do I fit in all of this? How am I doing as a leader?
The big question remains: what type of leadership do we need in the present and future zeitgeist? How should we relate to others in our organization that we shape, articulate, and accentuate our leadership style? Which virtues and values can we deploy in this respect?

In short, 41 management admonitions. Chew on them, contemplate and reflect on them. And discover your personal, future-fit leadership potential.

Complete your story!

Ron A.F. Jacobs


Soon to be published (medio 2021)