With You

Ancient philosophers, sociologists, literati and artists were not so crazy. Their striking statements are still applicable today. Even if you want to reflect on your personal leadership style or muse about your place in society. No, not ‘also’. Especially then!

In times when there is a lot at stake for people, reflection can be a remedy. For these are the times when ‘villains, bacteria and bosses’ throw our lives upside down and burst our bubbles. And then? Then you participate in this seminar. And learn to appreciate the wisdom and even apply it!

An extremely interactive and provocative seminar in which you will be inundated with relevant philosophical and sociological quotations, and challenged to think about your own leadership.

Body Language

How can we read body language? What is the psychology behind the nonverbal?

How can we make zooming sessions exciting again thanks to our knowledge of body language? And how does this relate to our human body language in a virtual space, brimming with robots?

In short: how can we still detect hotspots and nonverbal cues in a virtual world?

Ethical Leadership

What moral perspective can you take? What is the interaction between technology and morality?

During this seminar, these and other fundamental issues are raised by the house of disturbance in which participants will be conducted through rooms with a particular moral or philosophical perspective.

By participating one will refine and update or change its psychological schemes and moral consciousness on the role of technology, materials, objects and language as framing a moral stance.